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Bollyscore is looking for a few outgoing and reliable individuals to conduct movie polls part-time at a movie theatre of their choice in their city. We have grown to 20 cities all over the world in the last three years after starting with 5 in the beginning. This simply entails a questionnaire to be distributed to the moviegoers at the end of the movie. Results are then entered into your iPad and then sent to our head office that evening. We prefer to find a duo instead of someone who wants to be a part of this poll collector as an individual.


- Reliability

- Owns an Ipad

- A film lover who can attend the films in the theatre (preferably on opening nights) atleast 3-4 times a month

- This is a part time position


Cities we are currently hiring for

- Dubai

- Houston

- Mumbai

- New Delhi

- Toronto


Fill out the form below or contact us at  info@bollyscore.com


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