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About Bolly Score

About BollyScore - Our voice matters!

Since 2014, BollyScore is working its magic in measuring movie appeal of our very own B-Town. We execute & administer a fair measurement of audience response that marks movie appeal and success by polling movie audiences on opening nights for their reaction to the latest major movie release in Bollywood. 

Bollyscore was commenced when its founder felt the need of 'audience voice' when a movie is released. Critics often dominate the public conversation in the news about a movie. While their judgement and interpretation about a movie gives an interesting insight on the substance of the movie, it doesn't really tells us about how the cinema audiences really feel about a movie. While a movie critic presents his personal perspective about a movie, we, at BollyScore, offer a varied and broader point of view with a statistically robust sample of national audience which is conducted from various cities in the world.

Every week, on the opening night of a movie, Bolyscore polls cinema goers about their review on new movie released. Audience members fill out a questionnaire as soon as the movie is finished, and score the movie by grading them from A+ to D-. We then accumulate all the data and establish a movie grade -  the actual score!

With such a wide array of movies releasing every week, we felt the need to establish a system where audience members can have a quality benchmark which is done by the ordinary cinema lovers. This helps moviegoers make better choices about which movies to watch and which movie to take their friends and families out to. 

We wish all the Bollywood lovers to spend their hard earned money only on quality cinema.

BollyScore Team

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